The beer babe reviews a porter? Woah.

I poured out this brew and saw its darkness but I did not hesitate. I sniffed in a really delicate and sweet smell of chocolate and raspberries – no bitterness like a Guinness. The color was a lot less opaque than most of the porters I’ve sampled, and it resembled the color of cola.

When I tasted it I was happy to taste something that wasn’t heavy or bitter at all, but instead sweet and deep. It was like a dark-chocolate candy filled with raspberries, very sensual and smooth. The carbonation is also not very strong, and this is one that is a little better slightly warm and slightly flat. Don’t drink it ice cold, it’ll change the flavor dramatically to something more watery and thin.

The darkness balances well with the sweetness, and the berry flavors linger in your mouth and on your lips.I’d say it was thinner than what I expected, and there wasn’t a whole lot of maltiness either, but maybe that’s the reason I liked this. Some people say that this doesn’t really qualify as a porter and is more like a brown ale, but I think I like it that way.

This is a sexy beer. Something that could sweeten your lips before a nice, deep kiss. But I guess that’s another story for another time.