After a full day of stouts (and admittedly some Fin Du Monde and Strongbow English Cider) on St. Patrick’s Day, I figured I’d review a lighter, crisper beer for a nice change.

So I opened my fridge to try and attack some of the large bottles that have been consuming all the real estate there waiting to be reviewed. “Juniper,” I thought, “that’s green. That’ll do.”

This beer comes out cloudy and amber, darker than most pale ales. It has head which disappears quickly, and it has a very light smell. No gin-like Christmas tree scent at all. The taste is very similar to the smell. A pale ale, very thin and crisp, but altogether unremarkable, in my humble opinion. I can’t get any juniper notes at all when I taste it, which I’m a little sad about. I even went so far as to crush up some Christmas tree needles that I had lying around (long story) and smell those – similar to what you’d do with hops before a tasting – to see if I could tun into the taste. But sadly… nothing!

It isn’t a bad beer at all, just isn’t something with a memorable flavor. But, it is quite crisp, and according to their website, Rogue says it’s the absolute perfect pair for a turkey dinner… since that’s a little out of season, I’ll have to try that out another time.