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Left Hand Brewing Company – Juju Ginger

Having tried some of the Left Hand Brewing Company’s stuff before (namely their Sawtooth Ale) I wasn’t too impressed in the past. Not that their beer was bad, just that the Sawtooth was, well, not a stand out from the crowd. It was pretty typical ale with conservative flavoring.

However, on a recent trip to Albany, where I picked up a ton of beer to review, I saw this “JuJu Ginger” and though it would be odd enough to try out.

I’m glad I didn’t pass them up based on my previous experiences. I’ve tried ginger beer before, and usually it just adds a little more crispness, but not a whole lot of taste. This one is completely different.

It smells like you’d would want to eat it – there’s a salty, tempting smell to it. The taste is awesome! I immediately was a fan of it’s food-like flavor. It would be perfect with some Chinese food – especially something with soy sauce or lemongrass. You can taste the ginger it is not just a feeling, it adds a lot to the saltiness of the brew. This is savory, not sweet, and is really refreshing as well.

The Left Hand Brewing Company even has a whole bunch of recipes for each of its beers, and this one is no exception. I can picture eating this with some of Chili’s Shanghai Wings (chicken w/ a spicy ginger-citrus sauce and sesame seeds with a wasabi-ranch dressing.) which have become my new favorite food when eating out. Maybe I’ll smuggle some of this Juju ginger in the next time I go to Chili’s, or better yet, just order take out and enjoy it at home!

I recommend this one if you’re having a sushi night and don’t know what beer to pair it with, or you just want something different to go with your Chinese food. It rocks.


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  1. J. Song

    Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely will keep an eye out for the ginger beer. Chinese and Thai food, I feel, are exceptional matches for alcohol: Japanese and Korean are a bit harder to match to drinks (besides sake and soju, respectively). But hey, coming up with new and unique food pairings is part of the fun of drinking, right?

    Joon S.

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