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Weyerbacher – Insanity

So, after quite an insane day, I won’t lie that I was really looking forward to cracking open the bottle of insanity. I feel like my life lately has been an insane whirlwind, so sitting down and sipping something aged, something classy, was a treat I thought about for most of the day.

I figured that Blithering Idiot (see my previous post) would be interesting aged in oak barrels but I was not expecting such a wonderful, interesting taste. It does not smell like any beer or barleywine I’ve ever tried. It smelled like… cognac…whiskey? Brandy?

The taste, too, was distinctly un-beer-like. It was sweet and alcoholic, oaked, so it tasted like brandy and warmth. I think I taste a bit of vanilla, and I would almost categorize this as a beer cordial. Does that even exist? Am I allowed to coin a new type of beer for this? It’s certainly beyond the mild, smooth and pleasant barleywine that Blithering Idiot does so well at. This is an entirely different level.

I wouldn’t drink this with food, but maybe after a dinner. An additional note, I am having a reaction with my salivary glands, too, similar to a wine with lots of tannins.

I managed to avoid the typo-inducing buzz that the Blithering Idiot bestowed upon me this time, but I have to say that I’m now quite fluffy-headed at this point. Like the Blithering Idiot, Insanity is also very low in carbonation, and reported on the bottle to be 11.1% ABV, but I am not sure of the year on this one. According to the Weyerbacher it was originally released in 2004. So I have no way of knowing, really, if I have a 2004 bottle that’s been aging on a shelf since then, or if I have a newer one.

I’d recommend this one to people who act like Frasier Crane (from the TV show Frasier) who want to sip it in a brandy snifter and put their nose up and impress people with telling time that yes, this is, in fact, a beer. For the rest of us, this is on the fringe of still being considered a beer in my eyes, and I certainly couldn’t have that more than one bottle at a time… way too much alcohol taste, unless, of course, on an insane day, that’s what you’re looking for.


Weyerbacher – Blithering Idiot


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  1. Blue Sunshine

    For some reason, I never could get into any of Weyerbacher’s beers. I think after reading this review I’ll have to give them a second chance. I’ve always loved their labels but never loved the taste.

    Anyway, I get some beer reviews on my blog with more to come, check it out!

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