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Goose Island Beer Co. – Matilda

“Once upon a time in a valley, a beautiful countess lost something precious to her in a small pond. Racked with grief, she prayed for its return. Very quickly it resurfaced in the most wondrous of ways. After her prayers had been answered she blessed the pond and the valley. Later, she had an abbey built there. Today, they brew beer and while were were traveling to Belgium we stopped in, heard the story, and tried the beer. Really GOOD BEER and a GREAT STORY. Of course we wanted to share what we’d heard and tasted. Usually we’d do that over beers. This we did with a beer. ” – Greg Hall, Brewmaster, Goose Island Beer Co.

The Goose Island Beer Company of Chicago features stories like these on each of their beers, and this one in particular is named ‘Matilda.’ From the sound of the story, you’d think it was a Trappist wheat Belgian style ale, but… not quite. It is called a simple “Belgian style ale” but has so many hops it could be confused with an IPA at first sip. The wheat comes in a bit later, and is an interesting combination. I’d say that this is one of the most different Belgian’s that I’ve tried. If I’ve learned one thing about beer styles, its that “Belgian style ale” is the vaguest term in the world in terms of taste… but sometimes with surprising results.

Mr. Hall says this would go well with a “plate of fresh mussels.” I think I’ll try that tomorrow night with the other bottle I have.


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  1. Matt Orr

    Again, this Belgian style ale is not a wheat beer. I’ve noticed you called a lot of Belgian strong ales wheat beers, but I just wanted to inform you that the majority of Belgian beers are not made with wheat.

  2. Sorina

    You have a very nice blog, good post…keep up the good job

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