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Unibroue – La Terrible

One of my favorite beers ever is “La fin du monde” which is an intensely wheaty beer that I’ve mentioned here before. So, when I saw a nearly opaque black bottle, labeled simply, “Terrible” (pronounced terr-eeb-lay). I kept this in my collection for a while. I often bring interesting beers to my friends to try, but I was honestly reluctant with this one. I got teased a little… “why would you buy a beer that’s already labeled as terrible?” they joked. See, but that’s the entire point, I wanted to know what was in the mystery bottle by Unibroue with so little information on it.

I cracked it open today, while waiting for a pumpkin pecan loaf to cook in my oven. (Yes, even the beer babe bakes every once and a while.) I poured it out, and initially I was dismayed. I’m not a huge fan of very dark beers, and the dark chocolate color which poured out initially made me think it was a type of bitter. But, not to be deterred, I smelled it. I noticed 2 things – it didn’t smell like Guinness, and I really really wanted to try it.

I tasted it and I smiled from ear to ear. It’s a fantastic wheat beer, like a roasted, sinister cousin of the light Fin du Monde. I could also taste alcohol in it even after a few sips. Very high test at 10% alcohol by volume. It was wheaty but strong, not overpowering, and I could drink this all evening long. I for some reason thought of a civil debate. Nursing one of these and talking about intelligent subjects. Also, it gets people talking because of the name, and the unexpectedly friendly on the palate, yet darkly brewed character. I highly recommend this if you can find it. It only comes in the large bottle like you see pictured – but if you see it, grab it. It’s a great one!


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  1. Matt Orr

    La Fin Du Monde and La Terrible are not wheat beers. One is a Belgian Triple and the other a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

  2. J. Song

    Older post, I know, but a timeless beer! I recently had “La Terrible” and it was anything but. We should compare notes:

    I agree with Kaiser Wilhelm. I love women, I love beer, and I love women who love beer–they’re so hard to find!


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