Another one from the big beer series, this Wheat Wine Ale is actually very different than barleywines I’ve had previously, and ales also. Described on the bottle as a “unique hybridization” of a wheat ale and a barleywine – it tastes like a delightful blend of both.

I love a good wheat beer and they’re quite hard to find. Beers like Fin Du Monde have so much wheat you can almost chew it – fantastic. Others claim to be wheat beers and have absolutely no wheat flavor at all. This one, however is a triumph because it combines the wheat flavor with a glowing ale flavor… just what the wheat needs to be balanced.

There is a lot to say about this beer. It has a warm taste, a lot of wheat that you can both smell and taste, and a nice, thick malt flavor. I think this would be great for a winter’s night and a feast fit for kings.

Though it doesn’t list it on the bottle, I sense that this may be higher in alcohol content than your typical beer. I think it would be very nice to go with a steak and potatoes, or maybe a pork tenderloin.

This is a beer that cannot be consumed quickly, it requires a slow, sipping consideration with a hearty meal.