Smuttynose – Wheat Wine Ale

Another one from the big beer series, this Wheat Wine Ale is actually very different than barleywines I’ve had previously, and ales also. Described on the bottle as a “unique hybridization” of a wheat ale and a barleywine – it tastes like a delightful blend of both.

I love a good wheat beer and they’re quite hard to find. Beers like Fin Du Monde have so much wheat you can almost chew it – fantastic. Others claim to be wheat beers and have absolutely no wheat flavor at all. This one, however is a triumph because it combines the wheat flavor with a glowing ale flavor… just what the wheat needs to be balanced.

There is a lot to say about this beer. It has a warm taste, a lot of wheat that you can both smell and taste, and a nice, thick malt flavor. I think this would be great for a winter’s night and a feast fit for kings.

Though it doesn’t list it on the bottle, I sense that this may be higher in alcohol content than your typical beer. I think it would be very nice to go with a steak and potatoes, or maybe a pork tenderloin.

This is a beer that cannot be consumed quickly, it requires a slow, sipping consideration with a hearty meal.

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