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Middle Ages Brewing Company – Druid Fluid

Druid Fluid
Middle Ages Brewing Company – Syracuse NY

As I’ve mentioned before, barleywines can be extremely variable in their taste. Druid Fluid from the Middle Ages Brewing company is a barleywine with a little hint of sweetness. It’s enough to make you pause and think, “What on earth was that flavor?” More sipping brings more of a sweetness, perhaps this is what barleywine is intended to taste like.

There is a lot of hops but no bitterness at all. The website for the Middle Ages Brewing company says that this one gets more complex with age. This had a lot of character but not a lot of complexity. Maybe I shouldn’t have opened this one yet – the next bottle of it I buy I’ll keep around and forget about for a while and see how it comes out.

The Middle Ages Brewing company is from my hometown of Syracuse. Did I know that there was a brewery there before moving away? Nope. But I discovered it later. Personally, I think they need a brewpub. I think that Syracusians could embrace that idea! The names of their beers are great – Dragon Slayer, Grail Ale, Swallow Wit, Wailing Wench. You can tell that their brewers have watched a lot of Monty Python. Worth checking out if you’re in a geeky mood or if you’re wandering through Upstate NY.


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