If you’re anything like me, Thanksgiving is a holiday which is nice, but can quickly get dull as the conversation fades and the tryptophan kicks in. To keep the crowd lively – especially members of the family (usually uncles and cousins) who retreat from the kitchen at the first sign of trouble – bring some different beers. Who says that only wine goes with turkey?! Here are some great beers to keep people talking at dinnertime!

1.) Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA – to anyone used to Budweiser and Miller Light, this will be a total shock to the senses, but a welcome one. Flavor anyone? Very hoppy and flowery, you can also be a know-it-all by checking out Dogfish Head Brewery’s website and learning why its called a 60 Minute IPA. This is also the most common selection that can be found from Dogfish Head – the 90 and 120 minute and other offerings are a lot less common. See if you can find it by checking out some local specialty beverage centers near you.

2.) Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale or Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin – what Thanksgiving isn’t complete without plenty of pumpkin flavor? You’ll be surprised how wonderfully a pumpkin beer can go with a warm meal. I’ll warn you though, if all you can find is the Jack’s Pumpkin Spice beer made by Annheuiser Busch, skip it!

3.) Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale – the cool thing about this beer is that its unfiltered, cloudy and has a lot of taste, but is found really commonly in supermarkets, etc. The key to this one is not to forget the oranges. Get an orange, put a slice in a bottle similar to how you would treat a Corona, and look like a beer connoisseur!

4.) Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout – here’s a carmel-flavored wonderful dark beer to contrast with some of the sweet flavors of dessert. In a clear bottle, its easy to see how dark it is, and most people will appreciate the chocolaty and rich taste. Also, the bottles are different looking so it is something fun to open.

5.) Samuel Adam’s Cranberry Lambic – first, a warning. There are some people who will like this beer, and there are some who will NOT like it at all. It makes for good conversation, but here’s some things you need to know. A slight musty smell and flavor in a Lambic normal and shouldn’t be thought of as a sign that the beer’s gone bad. Secondly, you can only find this within the Holiday Mix Pack that Sam Adams puts out. So it might be a great thing for those who don’t like the Cranberry Lambic to try the others. All great beers, in my opinion.

Well, that’s the list. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

-The Beer Babe