There could definitely be an argument about the worst beer name ever. Personally, the easy winner would be the “Golden Shower” Pilsner by Dogfish Head. I mean, the last thing you’d like to think about while drinking beer is, well, urine. Which is probably why *this* round of the pilsner (released in August of 2007) has been re-titled “Golden Era.”

Contrary to Dogfish’s usual over enthusiasm over their beers, this one is actually of good quality and moderation. The beer is darker than most pilsners I’ve tasted, and has a nice bit of the sweetness of malt. Hops aren’t missing though, and show up in a friendly, non-bitter way. I like this one, and I have to say that it’s quite enjoyable to drink. Its both complex and memorable.

Perhaps where its difference lies is that it isn’t excessive for the point of being excessive (despite the Festina Peche and 90 minute being wonderful brews, they aren’t exactly tame). This approaches a level of refinement and… domestication.

So, bravo on another Dogfish beer, and bravo on the re-naming!

(P.s. I apologize for my recent absence, I hope to return to a regular schedule starting with this post. Thanks for hanging in there!)