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Harpoon – Peche

Brewery: Harpoon Brewery
Beer: Peche (part of the 100 Barrel Series)
Rating: 2.7

Having been intreigued by Dogfish’s Festina Peche, a peachy-sour beer, this caught my eye. It is in a big bottle and is part of the “100 Barrel Series” which features a brewer tinkering with recipes in limited releases.

The bottle had foil covering the top of it (like a Fin Du Monde) and underneath it was a plain bottle cap. So, I reached for my favorite bottle opener and I pried the cap off. Much to my surprise/dismay, the beer poured out of the bottle like I had just uncorked champagne. As I ran to get a towel, I realized that my hands smelled a LOT like peaches.

I let the beer settle down before trying to pour it. Even so, it made a really fluffy, foamy head that kept growing after I stopped pouring. I smelled the beer as it settled and was overwhelmed by peach. It was like someone running up to you and yelling “PEACH” in your ear.

When I tasted it, I liked the first half. It was peachy and smooth, but as soon as the sweetness went away, it tasted almost musty and sour. I don’t know why I am thinking of something dusty/musty but that’s what I tasted or smelled. I wasn’t a huge fan of that flavor, but if I kept drinking it I could minimize that taste. Between the two, the Harpoon is probably the *authentic* Peche, but I would rather drink the Dogfish Festina Peche because it has a more enjoyable taste.


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