Brewery: Atlantic Brewing Company, Mount Desert Island, Maine
Beer: Mount Desert Island Ginger
Rating: 3.0

A friend of mine always asks his brother to bring him down some ginger beer when he visits in the summer, because it’s so different and not usually available around here. I stumbled across it at my favorite beverage center the other day so I thought I’d try it -it sounded fun, and I was feeling adventurous. It is brewed by the company in small batches, so its bound to be a little different each time, so I wasn’t sure what it would taste like. I like ginger, so I figured it was worh a shot.

When I tasted the beer, I was surprised at its lightness and overall lack of strong flavor. It had a very crisp taste (probably due to the ginger) but the taste did not linger for very long. This made it very refreshing, but not something that could be savored or sipped. I was very happy that I was also not overwhelmed by ginger.

I think this might make this a good beer for someone who likes light beer but is bored with the typical pale ale or pilsner, and it is kind of a pallete cleanser so it may go well with any meal, or between courses.