After a long day, I emailed my roomate and asked him to bring me some beer on his way back from work. I was tired, moody and just needed a drink. He came into the house with the beer behind his back… and to my surprise it was something Dogfish makes that I’ve never seen before. Described on the bottle as a “neo-Berliner style Weiss femented with peach juice,” their Festina Pêche is DEFINITELY different.

The label is very pretty – a blue background with a peach tree painted on it. I was expecting a slightly peachy beer, maybe with some wheat notes. I was way, way off.

First sip sent a tartness straight to the sides of my tongue. This was strong, tart, and fruity. It wasn’t the mellow peach that is backed by sugars, it was the barely ripe and tart peach. I tasted it again, and loved it!

They say that it is “tart and refreshing” meant to be a summer brew. I have to say, there is very little beer taste left with this. It’s stronger than their Aprihop in terms of fruit flavor, but doesn’t make you dizzy with sweetness. This is really unexpected – and it’s about the perfect thing for a hot day by the pool as I can think of. Totally different than anything I’ve ever had, I was really satisfied by its sour punch.

Fans of things like Schmirnoff Ices and Mike’s Hard Lemonade could even appreciate this. Just beware of its sourness! Part of my surprise was due to the fact that I had no idea what a Berliner Weiss was – which is apparently a rare type of beer that has an acidic/tart taste because of the way that they ferement it. That combined with the peach just works – another “extreme” beer from Dogfish Head.