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Hi everyone, I’m the beer babe. I am a 25 year old beer lover who likes to share my opinions on beer with people so tat they can truly enjoy the art of beer-drinking.

Like many of my friends, I went to college and was offered watery, disgusting beverages that were called “Beer” by frat boys, which could be bought in massive quantities for very little money. I then made two friends who had been in military families and lived all over Europe, and they taught me the basics of beer tasting.

I’ve read a lot of “beer guides” and “beer reviews” but the truth is, there’s too much jargon that’s meant to keep real people away from a whole experience. (who has ever, really smelled a “flowery almond bouquet”?) When beer tasting becomes like wine tasting (where people who don’t know the right vocabulary or technique are shunned) is when the art is lost.

My goal is to review different beer, breweries, beverage centers, restaurants and write the occasional article on beer as a whole. I will be writing at least 1 review and one article per week, so I hope you enjoy!

If you have suggestions for the site, beers you love or hate, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks, and happy tasting!


Red Hook – Longhammer IPA

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  1. Dr Beer Love

    Hey Beer Babe,

    John here, aka Dr Beer Love. I’ve been enjoying your Beer Babe site for a while now (love your writing style) and wanted to let you know! I also just found you finally came over to the dark side at Twitter in the beer community. Glad to have you! I added a link to your site over on the links page at Dr Beer Love and was hoping you could return fire at me and throw in a link to the Dr Beer Love homepage in your “Other blogs I enjoy” section:

    Hopefully we are an other blog you actually enjoy and hopefully this is cool with you – I’d really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

    Cheers and good beers,


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