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Is ginger the new black? Ginger-flavored beers sneak into summertime

When I think of ginger, I usually think of two things. First, the little paper wrapped candies you can pick up at Trader Joe’s that are equal parts addicting and mouth-burning. Second, the strange yet ever-present pink stuff on the side of sushi plates. I don’t normally immediately think of beer.


Bringing Craft Beer Culture to Travelers – The Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel

There has been a recent increase in the acceptance of craft beer as a viable asset to a community – something that brings jobs, tourism and spending dollars to a city. It’s becoming clearer each year that this trend is here to stay, and that the dollars that people curious about local beer bring with them to spend are worth nurturing. I was asked to check out the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH because of their beer-friendly reputation – and I was glad to oblige.